Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking

Macleod House meduim-duty cantilever racking systems are perfect for storing long, awkwardly shaped and oversized objects. Our C305 (medium duty) cantilever racking has been designed according to the FEM 10.2.09 and is engineered in Australia. Macleod House can design and certify their cantilever racking for any application, whether installed inside a warehouse or if it was to be installed outdoors in a cyclone area of Australia This racking system is ideal for industrial environments as they are specifically designed to handle oddly shaped materials. This gives you maximum storage capabilities with an easily accessible design that is perfect for all industrial environments. Loading and unloading a variety of objects including plywood, chipboard, timber, pipe, tubing, conduit and extrusions becomes easier to handle. Our light-duty racks are even perfect for steel, sheet metal, structural members, building materials, pallets, doors, furniture, hardwood flooring, rolls of carpet and other construction materials. We can easily customise the height, arm length and loading capacity to suit your needs. Macleod House offers both powder coated and hot dipped galvanised finishes. If your storage facility is indoor e.g. in a warehouse or workshop, then the powder coated finish is perfect for you. The blue and orange finish makes the arms stand out visibly from the upright structure making it a safety feature. However if your requirements is for an outdoor installation, the hot dipped galvanised (HDG) finish would be a better option. The hot dipped galvanised finish is ideal for outdoor warehouse yards and construction sites, as it reliably holds up against water penetration and prevents rust. The HDG finish creates a highly durable material that will last against a variety of materials in most environments.

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